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Cabbage rice, Cabbage Fried Rice

Cabbage rice, Cabbage Fried Rice

If you enjoyed my Cabbagerice, CabbageFriedRice, you will also enjoy my Easy Stir-fried Noodles, Yellow rice, Turmeric yellow rice, Basic Chinese friedrice and Green leafy vegetable rice, Green rice
Fried Fish Stew

Fried Fish Stew

I am not partial to fried foods, left to me I prefer to grill, as grilling still gives me the taste that I want to achieve


Howtomakeyogurt without using machine. Too thick for me but that’s what they wanted and that’s how they ate theirs with spoons while we the light thickness lovers took in bottles with straws, lol

Stuffed Cabbage Roll

StuffedCabbageroll is minced beef and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves then cooked in a spicy tomato sauce

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