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Goat Curry - Nigerian Curry Goat

Goat Curry - Nigerian Curry Goat

For the record, the Nigeriangoatcurry is the truth and the taste never lies. To turn it into a whole meal, goat meat and veggies are then added - Incredibly delicious
Ofe ugba, Ugba soup

Ofe ugba, Ugba soup

Called Ofeugba, Ugbasoup, Ofe Ukpaka, Okwuru ugba, it is basically okro soup with ugba (Ukpaka, processed oil bean seed), but you don’t just throw ugba into your Okro soup and call it Ugbasoup

Healthy Vegetable Rice

Healthyvegetablerice is an excellent way to hide vegetables from children and even adults who don’t like veggies

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