Dooney’s Vanilla Honeybean Milk – Ewa Oloyin Milk
Dooney's Kitchen
Dooney's Kitchen
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  • Water
  • 1. Soak your beans in enough water overnight. Leave the skin on. I didn
  • 2. Drain any excess water and pour a couple of handfuls of the soaked beans into a blender. Top with up with enough water to more than double the level. You are not making Moin Moin or Akara here, it is a light fluid milk like Soya Milk. Dooney
  • 3. Blend till almost smooth
  • 4. Pour into a fine sieve, cheese cloth or fine mesh cloth and drain. The chaff should remain. Oh, don
  • 5. After sieving, you may need to do it twice if you don
  • 6. As with making soya milk, you need to heat up this milk a little. This gets rid of most of the strong bean taste, leaving a light beany flavour, if that makes any sense. You need to heat this up slowly and stir constantly, otherwise it will start to curdle. If that happens, not to worry, just pass through a sieve again
  • 7. Add your flavouring
  • 8. Let is warm up nicely for about 8 minutes, if it thickens, you can dilute with a little warm water, then pour into containers to chill in the fridge.



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