Ewedu Asepo – one pot dish
Dooney's Kitchen
Dooney's Kitchen
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  • 2014 will not end without your new site being up, go back to blogging, and back I am. 3 new recipes a week, onward and upwards. When this is all done, I would tell you guys all about how stressful it is to outsource your IT job to somewhere thousands of miles away with a 5 hour time difference. Anyways, there would be other times to talk about that, today it is all about food, food, food and catching up. How have you guys been
  • 3 bunches of Ewedu
  • Palm oil
  • Ground crayfish
  • 1. Pick the Ewedu leaves and add to a blender or mini chopper bowl
  • 2. Give it a rough blend and set aside
  • 3. Now for the stew base. You would need already blended and reduced pepper mix, so you can start frying immediately in hot palm oil
  • 4. Rinse the Iru and add to the pot to fry. Dooney
  • 5. Add the assorted meats, ground crayfish and let it fry some more, till the pepper gets thick.
  • 6. Then you add a generous amount of beef stock to dilute and lower the heat, to allow the flavours combine. Dooney
  • 7. Once you are satisfied with the flavour of the pepper base, then add the ewedu and okro mix, give it a stir with the heat lowered, then add the chopped Uziza. Dooney
  • 1. The same process, but this time, you use less Okro, so the Ewedu mix, looks like the traditional version, we all know and love
  • 2. As with Part 1 too, you start with cooking your rich pepper base
  • 3. Then you add the Ewedu
  • 4. Allow it to cook in the pepper base, and remember to use your spoon in a whipping motion to increase viscosity.
  • 5. For the grand finale, add chopped Uziza and okro rings.



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