Frozen green plantain amala – using a hand mixer
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Dooney's Kitchen
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  • 2 Frozen Green Plantains
  • 1. Take the plantains out of the freezer and leave to sit on your kitchen worktop for
  • 2. Blend to a smooth puree
  • 3. Pour into a saucepan
  • 4. Where you would have normally gotten out the wooden spoon, get out the hand mixer and attach the whisk rods. You are about to watch technology in motion.
  • 5. Set the engine in motion and whisk. I started at number 1 and cranked it up to number 3 about a minute after.
  • 6. As the mixture, thickens as a result of heat, the amala wraps itself around the whisk rods, in a rapid circular motion, making it very stretchy and fluffy. Amala fele fele (light and fluff) as my Yoruba people say.
  • 8. As for cleaning, it isn



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