Gbegiri – updated recipe
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  • 1. Peel the skin of the beans. Oh please don
  • 2. Now, I would have told you to put this in a pot unto the stove with enough water. Funmi
  • 3. Proceed to sieving the beans. Another tip is to blend everything in a blender, but somehow I drifted to sieving it instead.
  • 4. Second batch of sieving
  • 5. Blend the pepper till very smooth. This is essential because Gbegiri is a creamy smooth soup.
  • 6. Heat up Palm oil in a pot, add chopped onions and let it fry
  • 7. Add the blended pepper and beef stock straight into the pot and let it fry until it thickens
  • 8. Add the bean paste.
  • 9. At this point, it is just a waiting game. At first you will see patches like it is above, and with time, the bean puree is well incorporated with the fried pepper it begins to take on a very smooth consistency, and the orange colour starts to develop.
  • 10. Stir at intervals and let it continue cooking, you will start to notice that the soup is smoother and the orange seems to be fading into a mustard
  • 11. Allow it to boil some colour, the colour is even fainter, it is looking yellowish now.



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