Grating Water Yam in a Food Processor
Dooney's Kitchen
Dooney's Kitchen
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  • 1. Peel and quarter the yam. Attach the grating blade to the bowl, place the cover and lock. Place the pieces of yam through the chute. You can get away with 2 or 3. Yes, free advert for Kenwood, it is intentional.
  • 2. using the chute cover, press down on the yam, and turn the engine on
  • 3. Now watch as the yam is blitzed through the grating holes, and forms a paste into the bowl.
  • 4. Repeat the process with all your yam. One thing to watch out for is that, you will get some bits left behind on the grating blade, but you can always put them back in between the bigger pieces of yam and it will blitz all through. remember, even when grating manually, you will have some stumps left anyway.
  • 5. Here you are people, grated water yam, no stress, no sweat, no yelping in pain when your skin catches on the grater and no blood. SCORE
  • 1, so I only have
  • 1 more day left for eating anything



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