How to make Eko (agidi)
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  • Water
  • 1. Heat up water in a pot and get your wooden spoon ready
  • 2. Dissolve Ogi in just a little water and mix
  • 3. Pour the cold Ogi and water mixture into a pot of simmering water
  • 4. Stir continuously until the Ogi starts to cook and thicken
  • 5. Keep stirring. You know when to stop when the Ogi coats the wooden spoon, with a thick even film.
  • 6. A good first test to be sure it is ready is by pouring some cold water into the centre of the pot. This should form a curdled line, showing the distinct change in temperature
  • 7. Leave it to cook for a few for a few minutes, and give it another test. Simply fill a small bowl with water, dip a fork into the ogi cooking, and place that fork into the bowl of cold water. If the ogi doesn
  • 8. Give it a few minutes on the heat to thicken some more
  • 1. Hold two leaves in the palm of one hand, and with the other hand, fold the first edge inward. Take the other end, and fold over the first one
  • 2. The second edge, should be folded and wrapped around the back of the leaves. Notice that below
  • 3. You should have a funnel shape now, so you bend the tail end of the funnel to face upwards. This is to close the funnel to prevent spillage
  • 4. Pour in the Eko
  • 5. Now, to close the top of the funnel, fold one edge (start with right or left, whichever you feel most comfortable with) towards the centre, and fold the other edge towards the centre, giving the funnel a thin V shape, almost like the beak of a bird. See below
  • 6. Now, you have gotten the thin V, then fold it down unto the back of the funnel



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