Kunun Zaki (Millet drink Recipe)
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  • Kunu drink is a popular drink made from whole grains of millet and sometimes sorghum or corn. Its quite popular in most parts of Nigeria especially the northern part where it originates. It’s got a spicy, nutty flavor and it’s packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals. It’s also rich in protein and high in fiber. Preparation of this drink takes about a minimum of 2-3 days. This is because for the first two days, it’s left to soak in water so as to trigger the process of fermentation.  Making Kunu at home is quite easy and requires nothing fancy. Here's how its done…….
  • De-hulled Millet
  • How to make "Kunun Zaki" drink 
  • Utensils::
  • • Blender 
  • • Pap Sieve 
  • • 3 cups Millet (de-hulled)
  • • 1 medium sized Sweet potato, peeled- Optional
  • • 2 Medium sized Ginger, peeled
  • • 1 tbsp. Cloves (Konofiri)
  • • Sugar (To taste)
  • • Water 
  • Step 1: Soak the seeds in water for 48hours to allow the seeds ferment making sure you change the water every 7 hours. 
  • Step 2: Wash thoroughly with clean water and place the millet, Ginger, Cloves (Konofiri) & Sweet potato in a blender (You need one with sharp blades) and blend till you have a smooth paste making sure you add water while blending to enable it blend smoothly.
  • Step 3: Place the blend in a large bowl and pour cold water over the paste (This is to make it easier to sieve) and mix. Gently pour the slurry into the sieving bag and sieve the mixture. Discard the chaff 
  • Step 4: Leave the sieved out liquid to settle for about 7 hours, by then the clear liquid would be above the sediment (thick paste below). Sieve out the clear liquid leaving the settled mixture which should be thick.
  • Step 5: Divide the thick paste into two bowls (Let’s say bowl 1 & 2). Pour boiling hot water over the content of bowl 1 and stir (As if you are preparing pap). Add the content of bowl 2 into bowl 1 and stir some more. At this stage you can add as much water as you want depending on how thick or watery you want your kunu. It’s usually thick though.
  • Step 6: Sweeten with sugar, Refrigerate & Serve Chilled. 
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