My visit to Ox Pasture Hall Hotel and Restaurant
Dooney's Kitchen
Dooney's Kitchen
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  • 5 hours tops. I took up the offer because, despite the fact that I only have slightly less than 3 years driving experience in my life, I absolutely enjoy driving. Give me a long stretch of road, and I will get into the car and drive. I have been blessed to drive an amazing kit of automotive engineering, which is light, drives like the wind and very fuel
  • 5 hours into the trip with no stopping, because Google had told me the last few miles of my journey was going be on narrow roads that cut through hills and dense foliage of the park. The last thing I wanted was to be on those roads in the dark and get seriously lost. Watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds has garnered me a fear numbing aversion of driving through the woods at night, plus Sat Navs are also notorious for cutting out when you go high up, so I wasn



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