Nigerian Beef Stew Recipe
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  • Nigerian beef stew always comes in handy especially when you want to conserve energy. This is because, it can be prepared in advance, refrigerated and used for days with a variety of meals. If prepared well, it’d still retain that newly prepared stew taste. Another name for the Nigerian beef stew is simply tomato stew - Since I have demands to cater to a large family, I love preparing beef tomato stew in advance for the main meal which could be; Plain Rice dishes, Beans, Plantain(Boiled/Fried), Yam, Okra soup *Smiles*…..The list goes on and on. One good thing I love about Tomato stews in general is the fact that it can be changed to something different such as vegetable stew, Curried stew or cabbage stew. This can be done by simply adding the various leaves. •Servings:     12
  • •Cook time:   20 minutes
  • •Side dish:    Plain Rice dishes, Beans, Plantain(Boiled/Fried), Yam, Okra soup 
  • •4 cups Tomato puree – Alternative; Tinned tomato paste  
  • •1 Litre Beef Stock with Beef 
  • •1 cup Vegetable oil 
  • •4 Stock cubes
  • •1 tbsp. each Herbs ; Thyme, curry 
  • •Salt to taste
  • *Prepare your Tomato puree in Advance – Click to view Preparation process. Alternatively, tinned tomato puree can be used. 
  • *Prepare your Beef stock in Advance – Click to view Preparation process
  • 1. Pour the vegetable oil into a medium sized dry pot and leave to heat for about 3mins
  • 2. Gently add the tomato puree and fry for 5 minutes making sure you stir consistently so it doesn’t get burnt
  • 3. Add the Beef Stock (With beef included), Herbs, Stock Cubes and Salt - Stir
  • 4. Cover the pot and leave to cook for 15mins
  • 5. Turn off the burner and leave the pot open for 3 mins (This makes room for vapor evaporation )
  • 6. Serve with the main dish



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