Palmoil sauce recipe
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  • I must say, my all-time obsession is yam and palm oil sauce and I am not ashamed to say it….Yes! I said it :D. After the luvly Aunty Eya Of Wives connection Showed us how to enjoy Boiled yam and oil, I decided to add a little twist to the popular meal. On a very normal day when I really don’t intend making any time sapping meal, Boiling Chunks of Yam (with a lil’ bit of sugar if it’s not Old yam) served with some palmoil sprinkled with a little bit of salt and a bowl of pepper soup by the side would have been the ideal meal. As ratchet as that may sound, this is one meal that would get you going back for more helpings and it’s NOT exclusive to a particular class of people because it is enjoyed by everyone. For this Palm oil sauce recipe, I’d be showing you how to add a little twist to the normal palmoil with salt dip to make it simply delishhhhh!!!. One good thing I Love about this meal is the unique sweet taste the onion gives to it. You see, Onion contains fructose which it stores as food. So, once it’s fried in oil for some time it releases this sugar thereby giving it a sweet taste. 
  • How to make Yam & Palmoil Sauce
  • •Prep time:  10mins
  • •Cook time: 20mins
  • •Total time:  30mins
  • Ingredients::
  • • 1 cup Palmoil
  • • 1 bulb Red Onion, diced
  • • 2 Red scotch bonnet pepper, diced
  • • 1 tbsp. Cameroon Pepper, Ground
  • • 1 tbsp. Crayfish, Ground
  • • ½ tsp. Salt
  • Directions::: 
  • Step 1:Peel, cut into chunks and wash the yam. Place in a small pot and boil with some salt for about 15mins till soft. Drain the excess water and set aside. 
  • Step 2: Pour the oil in a small sauce pan and place on the burner. Leave to heat (not bleach) for about 1min
  • Step 3: Add the diced Scotch bonnet, Onion and Salt. Stir fry for about 2 minutes. 
  • Step 4: Add the Cameroon pepper and Crayfish. Turn the burner to the lowest and leave to simmer for about 2mins.
  • Step 5: Turn off the burner and serve with Chunks of boiled yam
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