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  • 1. Lay one out flat on your work surface
  • 2. Fold it into two equal halves. Fold it towards you. Please ignore the picture i.e. I folded it away from me and it didn
  • 3. Take the left edge and lift it up
  • 4. Lift it up further towards the other end and watch how the fold is beginning to look like a triangle
  • 5. Lay it flat till it forms a triangle. It is important that the base of the triangle is lying flat on the same line as the other end, while the tip of the triangle is lying at the other end. In this picture, you can see that the very first fold of step 2 was made facing me.
  • 6. Now take the other tip of the triangle, lift it up
  • 7. and fold it down till the tip you were holding in Step 6 is now touching the other end. Now you have two triangle, facing each other i.e. their tips are opposite each other, left and right
  • 5. It would be best if you turn it slightly such that the tips are facing up and down, like the picture below
  • 6. Take your flour paste and apply on the first layer of the lower triangle. After applying, flip it up, such that it now rests on the tip of the upper triangle.
  • 7. Apply the flour paste on that last layer. You can choose to apply either at the edges alone
  • 8. Once applied, flip it over, so that you now have one triangle.
  • 9. Lift the triangle off the work surface, with the tip on the left sitting down, such that you can see the pocket of the triangle to fill
  • 10. Add the filling of your choice
  • 11. Then using your fingers, apply the flour paste on V part above and inside the base of the triangle, just above where the filling stops
  • 12. Press down, such that the base of the triangle closes, and there is no more gap, and then you flip the upper part down, thereby sealing it. Don
  • 13. Heat up oil in a deep pan, fry a few test batches to test the temperature of the oil, before you fry a big batch.
  • 1. Cut the wrapper into two equal halves
  • 2. Take one half and lie it across such that the straight line part is facing you and the rounded edge is away from you. Flip one edge towards the middle
  • 3. and flip the other edge towards the middle too such that you now have a triangle
  • 4. Lift it up with the tip towards the bottom of your palm.
  • 5. Add any filling of your choice and seal the edges. Please scroll back up to Step 12 above to see how to seal a samosa
  • 6. Fry in hot oil till golden brown



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