Spring Rolls – Part 2 (another wrapping method)
Dooney's Kitchen
Dooney's Kitchen
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  • 1. Lay out one spring roll wrapper on your work table
  • 2. Take the edge (v or otherwise) and flip over the filling. This begins the rolling process
  • 3. Continue rolling till you form a log and you can see an Apex V form, like the peak of a mountain. Again, with round wrappers, you can use this same method, and instead of a V, you will get a curved edge
  • 4. Keep Rolling until the V gets smaller
  • 5. Then take one edge of the roll, and flip over on top of the roll, till it gets to the middle of the roll.
  • 6. Do the same for the other edge, and fold on top of the first one, until you end up with an envelope like looking thing
  • 7. Mix flour with a little water to form a paste. Using your index finger, apply a little of the flour paste on the tip of the last edge you just folded, sealing it to the roll.. See above
  • 8. Then apply the flour paste unto the apex of the V and the body of the roll it would lie on when you fold it over.
  • 9. Fold the last bit over and seal. You can choose to apply a little more flour paste on top to fully seal



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