The Dooney’s Kitchen guide to amazing Puff Puff
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  • 1. I can
  • 2. Now, this is veeeeeeeery interesting
  • 3. Dough risen, heat up the oil that you will need, and let it get hot in a pot or deep saucepan
  • 4. The next tip is about frying
  • 5. Sugar set to the level you like, whisk for a couple more seconds, then drop the dough in the hot oil and fry a big batch
  • 6. Now that you are frying another batch, it is important to give you one helpful tip from Big Oladunni. Heat. Too much heat will ruin your puff puff. What my mother did was this. As soon as you start to notice that the puff puff is browning too fast, take out the source of heat. If you are using a gas oven, simply switch it off. If you are using an electric cooker, take the pot off the heating element, and let residual heat fry the puff puff. Many times I have fried an entire batch of puff puff with the heat source off. You will know it is time to re
  • 7. So, you have fried and fried many batches, and smiles abound all over the house, everybody is full to bursting and you are wondering what to do with the leftover dough



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