Top 10 uses of a Food Processor in a Nigerian Kitchen
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  • 2014 has been a very good year for Nigerian Cooking. New recipes, new exciting things to try, beautiful pictures, fantastic plating, and most of all the use of technology in the kitchen. History will record 2014 as the year, the Nigerian Kitchen Revolution kicked into full gear. I hope you have been convinced now, and will go into 2015 more determined to continue using technology for everyday mundane cooking tasks. I thought to do a quick post on how a food processor is the next best thing in a Nigerian Kitchen. See, why you need to follow the blog on Instagram. I posted these videos sometime ago. I have two food processors
  • 1. Make Pounded Yam. See video below
  • 2. Pound Ede (cocoyam) to be used as a thickener
  • 3. Still hand chopping okro
  • 4. I have a post coming up soon, in time for Christmas, to make the perfect Coleslaw, my mother
  • 6. You want to grate water yam for Ekpang, Ikokore, Oto or Ojojo this Christmas
  • 7. You need to roughly chop onions and ata rodo (scotch bonnet
  • 8. You need to make a large batch of Moin Moin for Christmas, don
  • 9. Washing bitter leaves in a food processor. See video below
  • 10. Still mashing Ewa aganyin with a wooden spoon, errrrr. Use a food processor



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